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Watch and listen to Disney Junior’s Rhythm Crew retell The Hare & the Tortoise fable in their own unique way!

Delphi was an ancient Grecian town. Today it is a major archaeological site with beautiful ruins. One of the most well-known ruins is The Temple of Apollo. Apollo is one of the core Greek gods. To the ancient Greeks, Delphi was the center of the world. There are many different versions of Aesop’s death, but it has been said that Aesop offended the Delphians and was sentenced to death there.

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Making Connections


Have you ever judged someone based on their weaknesses? Why is it better to focus on someone’s strengths?


Can you think of another story that is similar to The Hare & the Tortoise? How was it the same? How was it different?


Do you think it’s smart to teach people lessons about pride and other subjects through storytelling? Why or why not?

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