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Biography of a Great Thinker – Learn a bit more about Aesop with this educational video.

Have you ever heard the expression “sour grapes”? It comes from Aesop’s The Fox & the Grapes fable. It is about a fox who sees delicious-looking grapes hanging from a tree. But the grapes are just out of the fox’s reach. So, the fox decides that the grapes are probably sour and wont taste good anyway. The moral goes, “There are many who pretend to despise and belittle that which is beyond their reach.”

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Making Connections


Have you ever treated someone unkindly in an attempt to get something you wanted? Did you get the result you wanted?


Can you think of another story that is similar to The North Wind & the Sun? How was it the same? How was it different?


Do you think it’s smart to teach people lessons about kindness and other subjects through storytelling? Why or why not?

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