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Watch PINKFONG’s retelling of The Shepherd Boy & the Wolf.

The Shepherd Boy & the Wolf teaches a lesson about honesty. Aesop has other fables about honesty. Mercury & the Woodman is about a woodman who loses his axe in a pool of water. The axe was his livelihood, and he could not afford a new one. The god Mercury heard the woodman crying and came to help. The god dove into the water and retrieved a golden axe. The woodman said that it was not his axe—his was not made of gold, it was just ordinary. Mercury dove back in and returned with a silver axe. Again, the woodman said that it was not his. Then Mercury found the woodman’s ordinary axe and the woodman was very grateful. Because of his honesty, Mercury rewarded the woodman with all three axes.

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Making Connections


Do you think people who often lie or do other bad things can change? Why or why not?


Can you think of another story that is similar to The Shepherd Boy & the Wolf? How was it the same? How was it different?


Do you think it’s smart to teach people lessons about honesty and other subjects through storytelling? Why or why not?

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