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Apache land is being threatened by copper mining. Apache people are fighting to protect their land.

Geronimo was a Chiricahua Apache leader and medicine person. He was born in 1820. Geronimo helped defend Apache homelands against Mexicans and the United States military. When the US military started forcibly removing Apache people from their land, Geronimo led his people in the Apache wars. He never agreed with how American Indians were treated on reservations. Eventually, Geronimo had to go on the run. He spent many years with a small band of other Apache people being chased by the US military.

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Making Connections


Apache children learned skills from their parents and family members. Have you learned any skills that way?


Have you read about another American Indian nation? How is their culture similar to or different from the Apache people?


The Apache people had to fight for their land when European settlers arrived. Can you think of any other cultural group who had to fight for the right to their own land?

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