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The Cherokee Nation Language Department works to record member’s stories. They want to preserve the language for future generations.

The Cherokee people were forcibly moved from their homeland in the Southeastern United States because white settlers wanted to use their land to grow cotton. The government began the Indian Removal Act of 1830. Originally, they said they would move American Indians to new land fairly. However, the government did not follow these rules. They forced the people from their homeland. Over 100,000 Indigenous people walked to dedicated “Indian Territory” west of the Mississippi without agreeing to. 15,000 people died during the Trail of Tears.

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Making Connections


Cherokee children learned skills from their parents and family members. Have you learned any skills that way?


Have you read about another American Indian nation? How is their culture similar to or different from the Cherokee people?


Cherokee people were forced from their homeland after the Indian Removal Act. Can you think of any other groups of people who were forced from their homes? How was their experience similar to or different from the Cherokee?

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