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Meet the incredibly talented Navajo member, Naiomi Glasses. She is the sixth generation of weavers in her family.

Manuelito was a Navajo chief when the United States military moved through and destroyed Navajo land. The US military forcibly relocated 8,000 nation members. Manuelito and 4,000 other Navajo people took to the mountains and hid for two years. When they surrendered, they were taken to the same reservation as their nation members. Manuelito visited Washington D.C. to discuss the terrible conditions Navajo people were living with at the reservation. He convinced US government leaders to let the Navajo move to a new reservation located in their homeland.

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Making Connections


Family is very important to the Sioux people. Children are raised by their extended families. Would you like to have been raised that way? What do you think would be the best or worst part?


Have you read about another American Indian nation? How is their culture similar to or different from the Sioux people?


American settlers were responsible for the near extinction of the Sioux people’s sacred animal, the bison. What are some other animals that have nearly gone extinct? How can humans help them survive?

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