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Braille uses groups of raised dots. Each group of dots represents a different letter. To read braille, people feel the patterns the dots make. They move their fingers across the page. They feel each line of dots.

Valentin Haüy founded the National Institute for Blind Youth in 1784. Haüy was a teacher. He invented a system to help blind children learn to read. His school had only 12 students the first year. But news of its success spread. More schools for blind students opened in the early 1800s.

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Making Connections


Before attending the National Institute for Blind Youth, Louis learned by listening. Do you prefer reading books yourself or hearing them read aloud?


Have you read a book about another inventor? What did that person create?


Braille made it easier for blind people to read and write. What other inventions help make school accessible for all kinds of students?

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