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Malala grew up near Peshawar, a city in northern Pakistan. Many girls in Pakistan weren’t able to go to school. Some families lived in places with lots of violence. Other families believed girls didn’t need an education. They believed girls should stay home and care for their younger siblings.

Malala’s father helped inspire her to become an activist. He believed everyone should be educated. So, he ran a school that both boys and girls could attend. From the time Malala was very young, he encouraged her to study. He also encouraged her to stand up for what she believed was right.

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Making Connections


Malala spoke out to defend the rights of girls in Pakistan. Have you ever spoken out to protect someone? If so, what was it like?


Have you read books about other activists who worked to change laws? Where did they live? What laws did they work to change?


Malala works to help all children be able to attend school. How can education improve people’s lives?

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