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Ruby Bridges faced violence when she began attending William Frantz Elementary School. So did other black students who integrated all-white schools. In 1957, a group of nine black students integrated a high school in Arkansas. On their first day, a huge mob gathered. Police had to drive the nine students home.

Ruby was born in 1954. That year, a case called Brown v. Board of Education reached the US Supreme Court. The case said segregation was wrong. Separate schools could not be equal. The Supreme Court agreed. Segregation in schools became illegal in all states.

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Making Connections


When have you kept doing something, even when it was hard? What made you choose to keep trying?


Have you read other books about people who worked to end segregation? How were their actions similar to or different from Ruby’s?


Ruby’s parents believed education was important. What is something you value? How does that shape your actions?

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