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The history of chocolate goes hand in hand with the Aztec empire! Discover how much chocolate has changed over the centuries.

Lake Texcoco, where the famous island city of Tenochtitlán once existed, is no longer a lake. It began being drained in the 17th century. People hoped that by draining the lake they would get healthy, fertile farmlands. Sadly, that was not the outcome. Now where five interconnected lakes once were, Mexico City and the surrounding suburbs sit. Mexico City is sinking 20 inches a year as the groundwater leftover from the lakes moves deeper underground.

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Making Connections


If you lived in the Aztec empire, would you have wanted your home to be on the island of Tenochtilán or off it? Please explain your answer.


Have you read any other books about ancient civilizations that existed in Mexico? If so, what did they have in common with the Aztecs?


What do you think would have happened to the Aztecs if the Spanish never arrived? How would Mexico be different?

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