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Discover Machu Picchu! The important World Heritage Site is one of the few well preserved remnants of the Inca civilization.

A famous Inca emperor is Pachacuti. His rise to power is legendary. Neighbors were attacking the Inca. The Inca emperor was not defending his people well. He even fled Cuzco. Pachacuti and his loyal warriors wanted to make their own stand. They asked their gods for help. It is said that the gods transformed stones into Inca warriors! With his army, Pachacuti beat Cuzco’s attackers. He became emperor.

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Making Connections


How do you think the Inca were able to build such a beautiful place like Machu Picchu without wheels and iron tools?


Have you read any other books about ancient civilization that existed in South America? If so, what did they have in common with the Inca?


Do you think it is a good or bad thing Machu Picchu gets thousands of visitors a day? Please explain your answer.

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