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Learn about the mysterious Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Do you think they were real?

The Akkadian poet Enheduanna is the world’s first known author. She was the daughter of King Sargon and Queen Tashlultum who conquered Sumer. Her poetry was written in 2,300 BCE. Enheduanna was a priestess and used her writing to blend the Sumerian gods with the Akkadian gods. She was very important to Mesopotamia culture. Enheduanna is identified on a gold disk as being the wife of a god.

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Making Connections


Do you think writing or farming was more important of an invention? Explain your answer.


Have you read any other books about ancient civilizations? If so, what did they have in common with Mesopotamia?


What made Mesopotamia a perfect place for civilization to begin? Do the same qualities exist in that location today?

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