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Watch the 1992 commercial for the best-selling Barbie of all time!

Diana Spencer, former Princess of Wales, was a fashion icon in the 1990s. She was married to Prince Charles for 15 years. They had two sons, William and Harry. Diana’s fashion was published in magazines and newspapers all over the world. Many people were inspired by her casual outfits and styled their hair like hers in the 1990s. If you want to dress like Diana, try crewnecks and oversized blazers.

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Making Connections


Have you ever played with Barbie or her friends? If so, what kind of life did you imagine for them? If not, what kind of life would you imagine?


Have you read any books about other toys? What did those toys have in common with Barbie? How were they different?


The 1990s brought lots of new technology. With the help of an adult, research an invention such as the Internet, cell phone, or personal computer. Write a few sentences about what you learned.

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