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Mattel introduces Barbie in her first commercial!

Jacqueline Lee Bouvier was born in 1929. She married John F. Kennedy in 1953. Before Jackie was a first lady, she was a photographer for a newspaper. Jackie was always an impressive dresser. Her style is elegant and timeless. This means it can look just as impressive today, as it did in the 1960s when she was First Lady. If you want to dress similarly to Jackie in the 1960s, try out light-colored shift dresses and tailored jackets.

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Making Connections


Have you ever played with Barbie or her friends? If so, what kind of life did you imagine for them? If not, what kind of life would you imagine?


Have you read any books about other toys? What did those toys have in common with Barbie? How were they different?


The Civil Rights Movement inspired Mattel to release Christie, the first specially-designed Black friend of Barbie. With the help of an adult, research other ways the Civil Rights Movement changed the world. Write a few sentences about what you found most interesting.

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