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Watch the most famous event in the Naknek River watershed. Hundreds of thousands of salmon swim up stream to lay eggs. They must get past hungry bears waiting for them at Brooks Falls first.

Lake Baikal is the deepest freshwater lake in the world. It is in Russia. Baikal is also the oldest freshwater lake. There are nearly 2,000 kinds of plants and animals in the lake. One of the most famous animals is the Baikal seal. It is the only freshwater seal in the world and can only be found in Lake Baikal.

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Making Connections


There are three kinds of freshwater biomes. Which would you like to spend the afternoon next to most?


Have you read a book about any other biomes? If so, how are they similar to and different from freshwater biomes?


What do freshwater biomes give to the world? Do you think it is important to protect them?

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