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Learn about coral reefs. Discover what animals live there and how coral grows.

In the marine biome, there is an area called the deep ocean. This begins at the point where sunlight can no longer shine through the water. Usually, the deep ocean starts at 656 feet (200 m). Without sunlight, plants can’t grow and nothing warms the water. So, the deep ocean is very cold. Some animals have found ways to survive. They are often a little strange looking.

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Making Connections


Have you ever seen a marine biome? If you have, which type was it? If you haven’t, what type would you most want to see?


Have you read a book about any other biomes? If so, how are they similar to and different from marine biomes?


Some parts of the ocean are struggling because of climate change. Do you know of any ways people are trying to help marine biomes?

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