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This video is a time lapse. It shows things happening more quickly than they do in real life. It shows a road being made from asphalt. A construction vehicle lays down asphalt. Road rollers follow behind. They drive over the asphalt. They flatten it out. They make the new road smooth.

Landfill compactors are a type of road roller. They have big wheels. The compactor drives over the waste. The wheels press down on the waste. The compactor makes room for more waste to be brought to the landfill. It also keeps the waste from causing fires or pollution.

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Making Connections


Have you ever seen a road roller? Where was it? What was it doing?


Have you read books about other construction vehicles? How are they similar to a road roller? How are they different?


Flattening the ground is often the first step in many construction projects. What other steps are there?

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