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Explore the Inari shrine that is guarded by Kitsune statues. Watch beautiful moments that occur during the Kyoto Festival on Mt. Inari.

In another story about Japanese foxes, a magician seeks out a pregnant fox. They care for the mother until she gives birth and then care for her babies. The mother fox is so grateful she offers the magician one of her baby foxes to name. Once the magician names the baby, all he must do is whisper the name and the fox will visit in its invisible form. Then the magician asks his invisible fox questions about anything, and the fox will find out the answer.

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Making Connections


Do you think you would fall for a kitsune’s illusion? Why or why not?


Have you read any other books about a legendary creature? How were the creatures in those books similar to and different from the kitsune?


The Japanese are very hospitable people. Do you know of any other cultures that take pride in their hospitality?

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