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A scientist explains that dinosaurs indeed lived in Scotland. Learn about whether or not Loch Ness can be the home of a prehistoric monster.

Urquhart Castle sits on the shore of Loch Ness. It’s in an easily defendable position because the whole lake is in view and on a good path to the highlands. It was captured and lost by the English and the Scottish many times. The castle is in an easily defendable position. It is on a good path that leads to the highlands and all of the lake is in view. The English blew up the castle in 1692 and all that is left to visit are ruins.

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Making Connections


Do you think the Loch Ness Monster exists? Please explain your answer.


Have you read any other books about aquatic monsters? If so, what did those monsters have in common with Nessie?


Why do you think the Loch Ness Monster legend was able to capture the world’s attention?

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