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Watch as the story about the Egyptian and Christian phoenix is illustrated live on screen! It’s symbolism through time is explained.

The version of the phoenix in Chinese mythology was called a fenghuang. It was rarely seen. When it did appear, it foretold a new emperor and periods of peace and harmony. The fenghuang symbolizes male and female energies. It was a perfect balance between the two. This bird’s appearance was a mixture of a bird, snake, and dragon. The fenghuang was said to be 9 feet (2.7m) tall.

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Making Connections


How would you react if you saw a phoenix flying in the sky? Write a few sentences explaining your answer.


Have you read any books about different legendary creatures? How were those creatures similar to and different from the phoenix?


The phoenix symbolizes renewal and rebirth. Why do you think humans are interested in those two symbols?

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