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Watch as the serpent appears on the steps of the Pyramid of Kulkucán!

Nowruz is the Persian New Year that is marked by the spring equinox. 300 million people celebrate it in the Middle East and parts of Asia. The holiday is over 3,000 years old. In ancient times, Nowruz honored the return of a spirit who had been banished during the winter. Celebrations with food, dancing, and singing can sometimes last for two weeks.

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Making Connections


Anyone can celebrate the spring equinox! If you celebrated the equinox, how would you spend your day?


Have you read any books about another celebration that happens in the spring? If so, how were similar to or different from the spring equinox?


This book mentions beautiful places around the world to view the spring equinox. Where would you like to visit to celebrate the equinox? Please explain your answer.

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