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Kwanzaa celebrates life and light. People light seven candles during the holiday. The candles go in a kinara. There are three red candles and three green candles. One black candle goes in the middle. The candles represent the seven principles of Kwanzaa. People light the candles one by one. They remember each idea.

Jollof rice is one of the traditional foods of Nigeria. It is also made in slightly different ways in many African regions. It is a popular dish for people to serve at karamu feasts. It is flavored with tomatoes. It is often also flavored with curry and other spices. It can be very spicy. There are many different recipes to try when making it.

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Making Connections


Kwanzaa celebrates seven principles. What values or ideas are important to you and
your family?


Have you read books about other holidays? What do they have in common with Kwanzaa? How are they different?


Kwanzaa has seven symbols. Can you think of symbols that are associated with
other holidays?

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