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Matzo ball soup is a traditional Jewish dish. People use three main items to make matzo balls. The first is matzo meal. That meal is mixed with eggs and chicken fat. Then people cook the matzo balls in a chicken soup.

In the days leading up to Passover, Jewish people clean their homes. They gather any chametz products. Chametz are foods that have risen grains, such as bread, cookies, and crackers. These foods cannot be in homes during Passover. So, on the morning before Passover, some people burn them. Others donate or sell their chametz instead.

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Making Connections


Passover Seders have many steps and traditions. Are there any events in your life that follow certain traditions?


Have you read books about other holidays? What do they have in common with Passover? How are they different?


The story of Exodus is important to Passover. What stories can you think of that are important to other holidays?

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