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During Ramadan, many Muslims fast. But small children eat regularly. Fasting often begins at age 12. Pregnant women and people who are sick or elderly also do not have to fast. Not eating can be hard on the body. Muslims who do not fast can still honor the holy month. They do other good deeds, such as help feed people who are poor.

For Eid al-Fitr, people often dress up. Muslims wear many kinds of clothing during Eid. In countries such as Malaysia, women may wear colorful headscarves. Omani men often wear white robes with a decorated cap.

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Making Connections


People eat many kinds of food during Eid. What is your favorite food to make or eat?


Have you read books about other holidays that people celebrate? What do they have in common with Ramadan? How are they different?


Fasting helps people practice self-control. What are some situations where having self-control is important?

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