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As empanadas fry, they get hot inside. Pressure builds up. If an empanada’s edges are not sealed properly, the empanada could break open and lose its filling. To prevent this, cooks fold the dough carefully. They press and pinch around the edges. That way, the filling will stay inside.

Every year, Argentina celebrates the National Empanada Festival. The festival takes place in September. It is held in the Tucumán province. This province is located in northwest Argentina. During the festival, hundreds of people make empanadas. Visitors can taste them.

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Making Connections


Would you rather eat a dessert empanada or a traditional empanada? Why?


Have you read books about other foods that are fried? How are those foods similar to empanadas? How are they different?


Why do you think empanadas in different parts of the world have different ingredients?

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