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Macaron cookies start off flat and gooey. But as they cook, they rise and get thicker. The top of each cookie is smooth and crisp. The bottom is flat. The filling goes on this flat side. Then another cookie goes on top. Creating the right shape is an important part of making macarons properly.

The town of Montmorillon is located in central France. People there have been making macarons for many years. The dessert is so beloved that the town even has a macaron museum. Visitors can learn the history of macarons. They can see how the cookies are made and taste test the finished treats.

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Making Connections


Making macarons involves several steps. What is the most complicated food you have tried making?


Have you read other books about desserts? How were those desserts similar to macarons?


Chefs use many flavors for macaron cookies and fillings. How do you think they find which flavors taste good together?

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