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Scientists can tell a lot about dinosaurs based on their bones. Scientists can make guesses about how dinosaurs looked or moved. This video shows one artist’s idea about how Brachiosaurus walked.

Brachiosaurus’s front legs were longer than its back legs. This meant the front of its body was raised higher than its backside. The dinosaur’s neck continued along the same line as its back. Its back tilted up. So the dinosaur’s neck also naturally tilted up. This helped the dinosaur hold its heavy neck up. Its long neck helped it reach leaves at the top of trees.

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Making Connections


Brachiosaurus ate leaves from the tops of trees. What vegetables do you like to eat?


Have you read books about other dinosaurs? How are those dinosaurs similar to or different from Brachiosaurus?


Brachiosaurus used its long neck to reach its food. How do other animals use parts of their body to eat?

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