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Darby, a brindle Boston terrier, competes in the 2020 Westminster Masters Agility Championship. Boston terriers can be trained to do all kinds of tricks!

A Boston terrier named Stubby served in World War I. Stubby was discovered by soldiers training at Yale. They liked Stubby and brought him to France to fight with them. Stubby worked with the 102nd Infantry Regiment. He was good at warning soldiers about incoming poisonous gas and explosives. Stubby did such a good job that he was given the rank of sergeant! He earned medals and met presidents too!

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Making Connections


Would you train your Boston terrier for agility competitions? What tricks would you be most excited to teach?


Have you read about any other dog breeds? What did they have in common with the Boston terrier?


Why do you think Boston terriers are so popular in the United States?

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