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Watch dachshunds do what they were bred for! Their long, little bodies are perfectly shaped to fit inside burrows. This group took it upon themselves to make their own!

Badgers are fierce creatures. They have sharp claws and teeth to fight against any intruder that enters their den. Dachshunds are perfect badger fighters. Along with their low bodies, their curved legs and paws help push dirt behind them when they enter dens. They have strong, deep chests that protect their organs from sticks or roots buried in the dirt. Dachshund jaws are strong with large teeth to fight back when a badger attacks.

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Making Connections


What is your favorite feature of the dachshund? Explain your answer.


Have you read any other books about hunting dogs? What did they have in common with the dachshund?


The dachshund is from Germany. What are other dogs that have come from different countries?

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