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French bulldogs smooshed muzzles cause them to make many funny noises. Listen to the many signature sounds of two Frenchies in this video.

French Bulldogs are at a greater risk for many health conditions than other dogs. The conditions have a lot to do with how well or poorly the dog can breathe. French bulldogs were bred to have flat faces. But flat faces are not something that would be found naturally on a dog. This human created quality can sometimes be unpleasant for dogs. As time passes, French bulldogs can be bred to have longer faces.

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Making Connections


French bulldogs were bred to be smaller versions of the English bulldog. Which bulldog would you want? Explain your answer.


Have you read any other books about a certain type of dog? What did that dog have in common with the French bulldog?


French bulldogs were first bred in France. Can you think of different breeds that come from other countries?

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