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Photography is a way scientists can investigate the water cycle. Snowflakes are beautiful and unique. The way they look can explain how snowstorms work and the relationship between flake and cloud.

Evaporation is different from boiling water on a stove. Evaporation happens mostly at the surface of a liquid. When water boils, droplets are becoming gas all throughout the liquid. Boiling requires more heat than evaporation. Water begins to boil once it reaches 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100°C).

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Making Connections


Did you know anything about the water cycle before reading this book? If so, what did you know? If not, what did you learn in this book?


What other books have you read about water or the water cycle? How are those books like this one, and how are they unlike this one?


What is the most common type of precipitation where you live? Does it depend on the time of year?

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