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Listen as a bone flute thought to be 60,000 years old is played. The bone was found in Divje Babe in Slovenia. The sound is haunting yet beautiful.

The bassoon is an important woodwind instrument. It uses a double reed in the mouthpiece, like the oboe. The bassoon plays some of the lowest notes of all woodwinds. It is a difficult instrument to play because the fingers are placed awkwardly. A strap around the musician’s body helps hold the bassoon when it is used. The contrabassoon can play even lower notes than a normal bassoon.

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Making Connections


Would you want to learn to play a woodwind instrument? If so, which one? If not, why not?


What other books have you read about musical instruments? How do those compare with this book?


Why do you think woodwind instruments have been such an important part of human history?

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