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Motocross racers ride dirt bikes. Dirt bikes are off-road vehicles. They are lightweight. And they have heavy-duty shocks. The bikes are built to go very fast. Riders must be strong and fit to handle them. They must pay close attention to the race. And they must always keep an eye on the other riders.

Dirt bike races were common in the United States before 1960. But riders raced long distances in outdoor areas. In the 1960s, European racers introduced the motocross style. Motocross became a popular sport. But other forms of dirt bike racing continued. Today, long races are called enduros. Riders cover many miles of rough ground.

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Making Connections


Would you like to try riding through a motocross course? Why or why not?


Have you read books about other kinds of racing? What kinds of tracks or vehicles do those races use?


How might racing on a track inside a stadium be different from racing outdoors on rough ground?

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