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Many snowboarders go to terrain parks. These areas have ramps and jumps made of snow. They also have metal rails, flat boxes, and other obstacles. Snowboarders use these obstacles to do tricks. They grind across rails. They fly over ramps. While in the air, they might reach down to grab their board. They also do spins and flips off jumps.

Shaun White is one of the biggest snowboarding stars. He has won three Olympic gold medals for the halfpipe. He has also won 16 X Games medals for slopestyle and superpipe. White has 5 X Games medals for skateboarding too. In fact, he’s the first athlete to medal in both the summer and winter X Games. Because of his red hair, White has the nickname “The Flying Tomato.”

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Making Connections


If you could go snowboarding, would you rather race downhill or ride a halfpipe? Why?


Have you read about other sports that are part of the Winter Olympics? What sports were they?


Snowboarding is a way to stay active and healthy. What else can people do to get exercise?

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