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Floods can happen anywhere rain falls. Some floodwater can get inside houses. Water can enter through cracks in walls. It can enter through windows and doors. Houses have gaps to make room for pipes. Floodwater can enter through those gaps. Sometimes water gets into the pipes too. Then floodwater might pour out of toilets and sinks.

Wetlands are places that are often covered by water. Swamps and marshes are types of wetlands. A wetland the size of a football field can hold a lot of water. It could stop more than 13 houses from flooding. Wetlands also help clean the water from pollution. And they are home to many different plants and animals.

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Making Connections


Is the area where you live likely to flood? Why or why not?


Have you read books about other kinds of natural disasters? What do they have in common with floods? How are they different?


Not all floods are harmful. What is one example of a place where flooding could be good?

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