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The first tacos were eaten about 500 years ago in Mexico. People who lived near water ate fish tacos, while others ate tacos with snails or ants. Today, people put all kinds of different foods in tacos. Some examples are chicken, cheese, vegetables, beef, beans, and pork.

The word “taco” was first used 300 years ago, long after the food was invented. Tacos were paper wrappers filled with dynamite that Mexican silver miners used to blow up rocks. The food may have taken on this name from being rolled up with spicy flavors that “explode” in people’s mouths!

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Making Connections


Do you like to eat tacos? What is your favorite food?


Have you read any other books about food? What did you learn?


Tacos were invented in Mexico, but they are popular in the United States. What other popular foods come from countries outside the United States?

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