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The United States started as 13 colonies that were owned by Great Britain. The colonies had a flag that looked like this. There were 13 stars, one for each colony. Now, the American flag has 50 stars, one for each state. James Madison was born in the colony of Virginia.

James Madison’s work is still remembered today. This statue of him is in Virginia, where he was born. There are also several places in the United States named after Madison. One of these places is the city of Madison, Wisconsin. Other Founding Fathers are also remembered with statues and places named after them.

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Making Connections


This book talks about Madison’s early life. How is your life like Madison’s? How is it different?


Have you read another book about a person from the past? What kinds of facts can you find in books about people?


Madison was a Founding Father. How did Madison’s actions shape the world you live in?

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