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Alcatraz island is known for its infamous prisoners. Over time, tourists of the prison island have reported spooky happenings. Could Alcatraz be haunted?

Since John and Clarence Anglin’s infamous escape from Alcatraz, there have been hundreds of alleged sightings. While most assumed that the brothers and Frank Morris perished in the rough waters surrounding the prison, others were sure they survived it. The most convincing evidence comes from a photograph taken in 1975 that became public in 2015. It allegedly shows the Anglin brothers alive and well in Brazil. While there’s still a little room for uncertainty, facial-recognition technology was used to analyze the photograph, and it found that the faces in the picture almost certainly belonged to the escapees.

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Making Connections


If you were an investigator looking into an unsolved crime, what kinds of things would you do to help solve the case?


Have you read any other books about unsolved crimes? Why were the crimes in those books so difficult to solve?


Do you think it’s important for investigators to look into old, unsolved crimes? Why or why not?

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