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All airplanes have a cockpit. It is where the pilot sits. It is in the front of the plane. Fighters are shaped to fly fast. The back half points into a tail. The metal is smooth. The wings cut through the air. Pilots can control fighters easily.

The B-52 Bomber is one of the main bombers that the US military uses. This bomber can fly almost halfway around the earth without refueling. The B-52 has been flying for the US military for more than 60 years. The military continues to build newer models. But none have been good enough to replace the B-52.

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Making Connections


Would you rather fly a fighter, a bomber, or a helicopter? Why?


Have you read books about other kinds of aircraft? How are they similar to and different from military aircraft?


Military aircraft have powerful weapons. What should pilots think about before using those weapons?

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