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Militaries train dogs to find bombs. Dogs go ahead of their handlers. Handlers train these dogs not to scratch or paw. Touching something could set off a bomb. Dogs tell their handler it is safe by sitting down. The dogs wait for the next command. They listen carefully to their handler.

Militaries trained almost 20,000 dogs to serve during World War I (1914–1918). Some dogs watched out for enemies. Others carried messages. Some dogs carried supplies too. For example, this dog carried medical supplies in a box on its back. Dogs would find injured soldiers on the battlefield. The soldiers would take supplies from the dog’s box. Then they would treat themselves as they waited for help to come.

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Making Connections


What kind of military animal would you like to train? Why would you choose that one?


Dogs are common military animals. Have you read other books about dogs? How was the information in those books similar to what you learned here? How was it different?


Military animals are trained to help soldiers. What other jobs are some animals trained to do?

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