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Night-vision goggles detect natural light. They absorb as much moonlight and starlight as possible. Then, the special lens change the light for human eyes. They use phosphor. It is the best substance for brightening light. Phosphor is green. That is why images look green when people use night-vision goggles.

These soldiers practice carrying their gear in the cold. They use snowshoes. A soldier’s gear can be very heavy. Together, the helmet, uniform, and body armor weigh about 40 pounds. Most backpacks weigh 20 to 30 pounds. Large backpacks weigh more than 100 pounds. Night-vision goggles, radios, flashlights, and other electronic gear use more than 16 pounds of batteries.

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Making Connections


What kind of military gear would you like to try using? Why would you choose that kind?


Have you read books about other kinds of gear? How are they similar to and different from military gear?


Military gear helps soldiers on the battlefield. Can you think of other places where these tools could be helpful?

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