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Militaries use robots for many different tasks. This robot helps soldiers deal with explosives. Enemies sometimes hide explosives to harm other soldiers. For example, this explosive is hidden in a box. A soldier controls the robot from far away. The robot checks the box. The robot’s camera shows the soldier what’s in the box. Then the soldier knows whether the area is safe or not.

This is one of the main types of drones that the US military uses. Each of these drones are controlled by two people. The pilot flies the drone. The sensor operator controls the drone’s sensors, such as its many cameras. Drones sometimes fly for 24 hours straight. So teams often take turns flying the drone.

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Making Connections


What kind of military robot would you like to try using? Why would you choose that one?


Have you read books about other kinds of robots? How are they similar to and different from military robots?


Military robots help soldiers. Can you think of other people that robots could help?

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