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Many vehicles use camouflage paint. Camouflage helps them hide. They don’t want to be discovered in enemy areas. Forest camouflage is green, brown, and black. It blends in with trees and mud. Desert camouflage is tan and light brown. It blends in with sandy open areas.

In the 1880s, bicycles were used in war in Europe. Soldiers rode them to gather information and send messages. In 1889, an inventor put a machine gun on a quadricycle. This vehicle was an early form of the car. It was the first motor vehicle to carry a weapon.

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Making Connections


If you were a soldier, would you rather drive a combat vehicle or a support vehicle? Why?


Some military vehicles can complete tasks on their own. Have you read other books about unmanned vehicles? What could they do?


Support vehicles help soldiers perform many tasks. What jobs outside of the military could these vehicles help with?

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