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Penalty kicks are a big part of soccer. The ball starts on the ground in front of the goalie. The other player runs toward it. He must decide where to aim. He kicks the ball to the left. The goalie jumps after it. But the ball goes into the net for a goal.

Soccer players must use their feet to move the ball. But sometimes the ball goes out of bounds. When that happens, a player uses her hands to throw it back in. Both of the player’s feet must stay on the ground. Both hands must be touching the ball. And the ball must go behind her head before she throws it.

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Making Connections


Would you rather be the goalie or try to score goals? Why?


Have you read other books about soccer? What did you learn about soccer from reading them?


Some athletes wear helmets when playing a sport. Do you think soccer players should wear helmets too? Why or why not?

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