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This video explains how FDR’s “New Deal” helped Americans out of the hard times they were facing during the Great Depression.

During the Great Depression, some people moved from place to place to find work. A song written by a migrant worker in 1938 describes the feelings of many Americans during the Depression years:


We go around all dress in rags

While the rest of the world goes neat,

And we have to be satisfied

With half enough to eat.

We have to live in lean-tos,

Or else we live in a tent,

For when we buy our bread and beans

There’s nothing left for the rent….

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Making Connections


Imagine that you were alive during the Great Depression. How would your life have changed? Are there any items you own today that you could live without if you had to?


Have you read any other books about life during the Great Depression? How was the information in that book different from the information in this book?


What would the world look like if the Great Depression had never happened? What programs wouldn’t exist today without Roosevelt’s New Deal program?

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