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The First Transcontinental Railroad linked the east coast of the United States to the west coast. Learn about the Chinese railroad workers who made up a large portion of laborers.

Factory workers wrote songs to raise awareness of their poor working conditions:


Strike, strike, the workers anvil,

For the cause of Labor,

Strike for your home and freedom,

For each friend and neighbor.

Every one For this great cause And Reform laws,

Now demand complete protection.

Strike, strike, the fire is glowing—

Heed ye not the minions,

Seeking to capture Labor, And to clip the pinions

Of our clan. Will you grant all At the first call,

And submit party fractions.

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Making Connections


Is there an invention or an item that you enjoy or use on a daily basis that you read about in this book?


Have you read any other books about the Industrial Revolution or inventions such as the telegraph? If so, what did those books have in common with this one?


Do you think the world was a better place before or after the Industrial Revolution? Explain your answer.

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