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Some adaptations help protect animals from predators. At first glance, the walking leaf looks like a leaf blowing in the wind. But the walking leaf is an insect. Its shape and coloring help it hide from predators. Other animals also blend in with their environments to stay safe. For example, many animals that live in snowy areas are white. Their fur helps them blend in with the snow.

Animals have body parts that help them find food. For example, the northern goshawk uses its wings to fly silently as it looks for food. The bird uses its long tail to steer quickly through forest habitats. It dives at high speeds, then uses talons on its feet to catch its prey.

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Making Connections


Do you or your friends have pets? How do each pet’s body parts help it eat, move, or stay safe?


Have you read other books about animal adaptations? What did you learn?


Many adaptations help animals find food or stay safe. Which do you think is more important?

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