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Librarians work in libraries. They take care of the space and the objects in it. Librarians help people find and check out books. They also make sure people follow the library’s rules. If a librarian asks you to follow a rule, it is good manners to listen.

Inside a library are many books. They are stacked on rows of shelves. But libraries have many other items. They have music, magazines, and movies. They have tables and chairs where people can sit and read. Many libraries also have makerspaces. These place let visitors use special tools to build, invent, design, or make art.

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Making Connections


Have you ever been to a library? What kinds of items did it have inside?


Have you read other books about libraries? How were they similar to or different from this book?


Many people use the books and computers at a library. What are other places where many people share the same things?

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