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This video shows how a service dog can get something from the fridge for a person with a disability. Dogs can learn to do many things. They can pull wheelchairs, press buttons on automatic doors, and support people who have a hard time walking. If a dog’s owner needs help, the dog can alert other people by barking.

This is a statue of Morris Frank and his dog, Buddy. Frank was a blind man who learned about guide dogs. He traveled to Switzerland to meet Buddy and bring her back to the United States. Frank was so pleased with how Buddy was able to help him that he spent the rest of his life teaching others the importance of guide dogs.

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Making Connections


Have you ever helped train an animal? If so, what was it like? If not, how would you train an animal to do what you want?


Have you read any other books about animals in the military? How were those animals similar to or different from the animals in this book?


Have you ever seen a service dog or other type of animal working in real life? What was the animal doing?

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