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US Navy divers train a dolphin in the 1960s. This was in the early days of training. Navy scientists learned a lot about dolphins. They trained the dolphins to trust the divers. Dolphins can learn things quickly. They are also friendly.

This is an African pouched rat. These rats are trained to find mines. They have terrible eyesight. But their sense of smell is strong. That is how they find the mines. When they find a mine, they are given a food treat.

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Making Connections


Militaries studied animals to learn how they could be used to find mines. What would you like to learn about animals?


Have you read other books about military animals? How were those animals similar to or different from the ones described in this book?


Mine hunting is just one job that animals can do. Have you ever seen an animal working with people? What kind of animal was it? What was it doing?

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